yeah, we do them picture stories. represent.

saffer jab
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P I C T U R E - S T O R I E S

heres the deal.

you have digital camera?
you have drawing ability?
you have the use of atleast one finger?
this community may be for you.

1) this community is for people who like to take pictures of what they do in the day, or something, and then make it into a story...describing their day...or something.

2) if you dont have a digital camera, why not draw them fool!? for serious. use paint, or whatever, and draw yourself into picture story glory. its that easy.

3) dont have artistic ability or the use of a camera? type it up man.

4) do not have the use of your fingers or the willpower to type the words yourself? hire me. i will do your dirty work. i am not like that song, about the lawyers, or the dirty lawyer.

5) my name is AMADA. you all know me if your reading this. i doubt you are reading this if you dont know me. if you gots questions, or if you gots the goods? contact me, amada gee, i will get you all set. all set for america.

i'll probably end up being the only one who uses it.....since i have no life....and since my name is amada.


1) please use LJ cuts, unless it is brief.
2) please make sure that your stories contain SOME truths. embellishment is okay, cool, whatever. but if your gonna be like AND THEN WE GOT ATTACKED BY A BEAR...you better include an effing photograph.
3) be cool, about fire, safety.